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How is Money Made on The Internet

In just few minutes, I am going to reveal to you how, how money is made on the internet.

My name is Michael and I co-runa business and education website inNigeria. Its nice to have you here

Till today most Nigerians are still amazed and surprised that money can be made on the internet and so they have been asking me questions that I like to answer in the simplest manner.

How to make money online in Nigeria is one of the top searches in Google every month with more than 10,000 searches and the trend is set to increase because smart minded people like you and me are looking for information that will make us financially free.

Making money online is very real and easy to go about if we have the right information at hand, some of this internet businesses are free and some need little or no money to start up,

As this recession period lingers, I hope we all can get hard working and smart working so we can lift ourselves up, make our heads work, keep our hands busy and create a better future with the information we have at hand.

I did like to show you how money is made online

(Short explanation) How is money made on the internet?

Answer: just like a shop in the street, a website is where businesses transact on the internet.

When people go to a shop or ShopRite, they come out with hand full of goodies (smiley: that’s if they are not spectators.) and that’s how ShopRite makes money,

Shoprite makes money when someone visits the store and picks up a product, either a shoe or ice cream.

The same thing applies on the internet; money is not made online when people just enter a website, read an article and leaves.

Money is made online when people visit and take an action that leads to profit for the owner.

For example when you visitKonga.comand make a purchase or when you visitnairaland.comand you click or view the adverts at the top right corner.

Example 1: How Facebook makes Money

Facebook doesn’t just make money when people use facebook.

Facebook makes money when you click on Facebook ads.

Many businesses are paying facebook, to help them display ads to customers, and as much as these businesses are getting their ads displayed , facebook makes money.

Example 2: How Amazon makes money

Amazonis one of the best E-commerce websites in the world with fast delivery and very good reputation, how amazon makes money is not a myth, just in Nigeria, they make money when people order goods online. Though amazon is not the manufacturer of the products, but services like shipment delivery and commissions are kept by amazon.

No one can really say the everything of how this websites makes money.

If you want to create a blog in Nigeria, I can teach you for free.

The simple fact is, you have to sell something, to make money online.

Fact: when you visit a website and you don’t make any purchases or click on adverts or perform any action that leads to indirect money for the owner. No Money is made.

Now that you have and an idea on how websites make money, Iet me show you a list of methods onhow to make money online In Nigeria here.

Attorney Internet Marketing Secrets That No One Else Knows About

seo for lawyerssmall law firm marketing strategies

Professional site design services are going to have your website ready to go as fast as possible without cutting any corners in regards to quality. Therefore, while you certainly do desire lots of links to your website, you would like a lot of premium quality links. All the marketing materials you have to get started are on the online today.

You may list your company on the website free of charge and it is extremely much like the listing services provided by the main search engines. Our motoring service often catches negative outcomes until they appear in search benefits. If constantly updating your content causes your site to rank better, other businesses would like you to cover that privilege.

If you’re not focused on online marketing online for your organization web website, you’re losing money. You must take care of this as internet advertising jobs and not a pastime. You are likely already doing other advertising, however, now you must revolve around online marketing.

Attorney internet advertising experts are able to help you redesign your site to improve your website-generated enterprise. For an attorney, it opens up a lot of new potential ins with clients who are looking for those specific legal services. Law firm Internet marketing includes the building of a custom-made site, and taking the right actions to keep that site visible to the internet audienc.

In the time of the web, expert SEO is an extremely cost-effective approach to bring in new customers. The marketing consultants at J. Bergman Consulting specialize in helping law practices make the most of the net and keep updated on all the most recent trends in internet marketing. Our group of Lawyer Success experts is unique because we provide a dynamic fusion of special backgrounds and expertise that let us give complete law firm advertising solutions.

Compelling content needs to be incorporated into the attorney website to distinguish a single website from another. First of all, your site’s SEO has turned into the most cost-effective approach to direct your law firm online marketing effort. A whole website can be constructed around a specific niche area such as medical malpractice.

Put these 3 things together and you’ve got a recipe for success by means of your attorney internet advertising. Choosing Your search engine optimisation Company Your best choice for picking a search engine optimisation company is to choose one which is created for the only goal of assisting lawyers. Among the most significant factors in the accomplishment of your online marketing strategy revolves around the attorney website design.

Yet, people continually arrive in touch with advertisements for individual injury legal services all the moment. Even if it’s the case that the vast majority of your company comes from referrals, there continue to be thousands of searches per month done by men and women trying to find a particular kind of lawyer in their region. In any particular town, there are likely wide array of lawyers to pick from.

In a situation like this, an individual can comprehend the importance of digital advertising and marketing career for somebody. There aren’t any month-to-month costs implicated with the entire online marketing training class. It’s a process which is important to long term success.

If you prefer to learn Internet Marketing online to earn some extra money in your free time, make certain you select a regimen that will provide you with all of the tools and support you require, too at the training. Making the choice to use a NYC advertising agency will reveal to you all of the benefits of using qualified site design solutions, particularly when they’re done right. Link building can be done utilizing a number of internet marketing strategies.

You know your company, and you learn more about your particular regions of legal practice than any internet design or internet promoting company. Look at our prior examples to acquire an idea about what your website could look like. There are various tactics to present content to your on-line audience.

Google and other search engines are now increasingly sophisticated lately. There you’ll find details on our variousInternet Marketing and advertising Plans. Marketing has ever been important for all type of businesses.

A number of the simple marketing and advertising rules still apply. Besides PPC, there are different facets that are equally critical in online marketing courses. My advertising budget might well be less than that which you are already spending every year.

Please vist us at law firm marketing strategies

Health, Happiness & Weight Loss Start With Smart Choices

Losing weight can seem like an impossible task to accomplish. Just thinking of starting a diet or exercise routine can seem overwhelming. But with a little discipline and a healthy balanced diet it is possible to achieve your weight loss goals. Finding a weight loss plan that you can stick to long-term is essential.

When planning a diet for weight loss, be sure to take optimal nutrition into account not just cutting calories. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and necessary nutrients will ensure that you remain healthy during your diet. It will also help you feel less hungry because if your nutritional needs are met, your body won’t demand more food.

Feeling hungry causes us to eat. Eating causes us to gain weight. Feeling full reduces our feeling of hunger. So a way to lose weight is to full more often. One way you can “trick” your body into feeling full more often is by eating spicy foods that have more capsaicin in them, such as foods lightly spiced with cayenne or jalapeno pepper. No need to overdo it, just enough to burn a little will do fine.

Keep a log to track your workouts. Record the time you spend, the distances you cover and the weight you lift. This will allow you to track your improvements and also show you the areas that could use a little bit of extra work. It can also tell you when you need to increase the challenge of your workouts.

A great way to help you lose weight is to choose leaner steaks. First of all, you want to avoid prime rib and rib-eye steaks because they’re extremely high in fat. Instead, you should go with flank steaks. T-bone and porterhouse steaks are fine as well.

To lose weight one should make a daily plan which includes exercise and a balanced diet. Planning ahead is key to success because there is less of a chance of giving in to temptation, or backing out of the an exercise routine. Once the plan is set, it is easier to stay on track by following it precisely.

A good tip to lose weight is to define exactly what you want, and then go about finding the right diet and workout program for you. There are so many different diets and workout programs out there that it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

A great tip that can help you lose weight is to be aware of all of the myths out there regarding diet and weight loss. Starving yourself, for example, is one of the worst things you can do to your body. The weight loss is only temporary and you can become seriously sick.

To lose weight you obviously want to stay away from food that is high in calories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to starve. Don’t worry so much about how much you’re eating, but rather what you’re eating. So stay away from the bad stuff and dig in and eat plenty of low-calorie treats like salads, fruits and veggies to satisfy your appetite.

Running is an activity that is a wonderful tool when trying to lose weight. Running burns many calories in a short amount of time, and will also help to build up your metabolism. Go for a run outside, and pay attention to the beautiful scenery around you. Before you know it, you will have worked up a nice sweat, and burned enough calories to aid in your weight loss process.

You’re in a business lunch dilemma. No way to get out of the lunch, but you don’t want to screw your diet up. What should you do? Luckily, most restaurants now mark which of the menu items are healthy, some even have the calories and fat grams on the menu. If you know where you will be eating beforehand, visit their website to get the information you need.

As was stated before, losing weight can seem like an impossible task to accomplish. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, but instead of feeling overwhelmed feel empowered. Find a weight loss plan that works for you, and make it a part of your life. As long as you stay dedicated, it is completely possible to achieve your weight loss goals.


One of Vietnam’s largest corruption scandal at Vietnam Construction Bank

Vietnam’s largest currouption scandals in the banking space has recently come to light in Vietnam Construction bank scandal. Fraudulent loans is one way to remove or extract money from a bank; To take out loans with a practice, bankers who would be more than willing or ready or eager to give support or confidence if they knew that the money will be just repaid or payback in full with interest. A fraudulent or cheated loan nevertheless is one type in which the borrower is a business entity or organization controlled by a dishonest or fraud bank officer or an accomplice who means someone who helps another to commit a crime; the borrower who receives something then declares or proclaims bankruptcy or also vanishes and the money is dead or extinct. The borrower might even be a not existing or not real or present entity and the loan purely a clever or cunning devices or expedient to hide a theft of a large sum of cash or currency from the bank. This can also be seen as a part or element of a larger whole withinmortgage or fake fraud.

Two of main responsible officers in Vietnam Commercial bank were those detained who were one of the Bank’s former chairman’s and also its CEO was said by online police in newspapers.

Nine of them are accused of the using the power and rights while performing public duties and one among them was Pham Cong Danh who is one among the list of Property Tycoon.

Fraudulent loan applications are those which lays or captures or gains a number of forms that differs from individuals or single member of a class using incorrect information to keep out of sight a credit history also filled with financial difficulties or problems and unpaid or outstanding loans to large company or group of companies using accounting wrongful or criminal deceptionto overstate or exaggerate profits in order to make a risky or high-risk loan which appears to be a sound investments for the bank.

Forged or fraudulent documents are often used to prevent (something) from being known about other thefts; Banks generally incline to determine their money showing great attention to each details so every penny must be accounted or considered for. A document that is claiming or we can say formally request or demand that a sum of money has been borrowed or acquired as a loan or withdrawn by an individual depositor or mortgagorwho transferred or invested can be valuable to those or someone who still wishes to hide or conceal the minor or smaller details that the bank’s money has in fact been stolen and taken and is now considered as gone.

Wire transfer fraud networks are such that for example the internationalSWIFTinterbank fund transfer system that are tempting or appealing to or attracting someone, even if wrong or unwise as much as targets such as once the transfer is made its difficult or almost impossible to reverse it. To settle accounts with each other with rapid and overnight wire transfer of large amounts of money that are common place, such networks are used by banks; though the banks have put certain checks and balances in place there is always the risk that the insiders or directors might try to attempt to use fraudulent or sometimes forged documents which claims to request that a bank depositor’s money be wired to another bank which is often or certainly an offshore account in some or one of the distant foreign country. One big scam is the Vietnam Construction back scandal.

There is always a very high risk of fraud when dealing with certain types of unknown or uninsured institutions.

But when the deal is with the offshore, the risk is greatest. Also dealing with Internet banks has risk such as it allows all choice of countries along with the banking regulations but not by any means limited to the institutions and organizations. A person might send a wire transfer from one country to another country. This all surely takes some days for the transfer to get it cleared along with be also available to be withdrawn by the other person which might still be able to get withdraw from another banks. The corrupted officers might approve the withdrawals but it shows that it is in pending status also then the other person might cancel the wire transfer along with the bank institution would take a monetary loss.

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